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The Bulldog Breed Council
       held a
Sunday May 19th 2002
    The Canine Acadamy
               Hill Farm,
            Tollerton Lane
          Near Nottingham
               NG12 4GB

Speakers were as follows

Dr Jeff Sampson BSc,Dphil
Kennel Club Canine Genetics
Co -Ordinator at Animal Health Trust

M.J.R.Stockman MRVCS

Lorraine Margiotta
Dipl.Advanced Studies in Companion Counselling/UniversitySouthampton.
Member Association of Pet Dog Trainers
The  Panel for Question/Answer sessions
              Chairman  Robin Searle

Norman  Davies          [ Ocobo]

Chris Thomas             [Kingrock]


about the general socialising of puppies,emphasising the importance of early mixing with lots of people, other animals and situations,stressing and explaining the importance of this  between the ages of 3 to 16 weeks   to result in a well balanced, dog/ and  pet.Putting this firmly in the responsibility of the Breeder ....
a brillant quote was made by her
"Genetics..load the gun the Enviroment fires it!"

The Veterinary Surgeon
Mike Stockman
He gave  us a  brief history  of his involvement in dogs including his handling of a bulldog owned by a nun, Sister Vinny named  Bill the Bulldozer!!!, he agreed bulldogs generally have excellent temperament in his experience.He explained  his role at the Kennel Club.
He gave a witty and entertaining talk outlining some serious issues about  anesthetic,tracheas,and elected  C Sections.
He  talked about the European Pet Convention and its effects on the world of pedigree dogs and the Kennel Clubs role in supporting the dog breeders    against the threat to  our  breed and many others .
Which seemed very encouraging....

Canine Genetics Co Ordinator

Dr Jeff Sampson
His talk  was to explain in a simple way how genetics work in Dog Breeding and how to  breed  eliminating problems, despite it being quite complicated to get to grips all became quite clear as he demonstrated testing for a particular genetic problem and test mating.
He explained the application of Line Breeding/In breeding ,the development and stamping in of type, but the possible  effects of Breeding Depression and the need to outcross for healthy stock.
He discussed AI and the importation of new bloodlines advantages and disadvantages.Some other breeds could bring in  a whole new set of problems not yet  seen in our familiar lines ,great care and research must be done  to not introduce  unknown  diseases.
He did reccomend more sharing of information of health issues                       amongst breeders more 'Openess 'to avoid repeating genetic

and the following attending  members

The BreedCouncil Health Sub-Committee
Dr John Nattrass M.B.Ch.B
Mrs Vicky Collins
Problems encountered with our Bulldogs  Health
are encouraged to be  shared  in confidence  data is
being researched  and recorded  for the future  .

The Conference was held as planned ..

The Behaviourist
Lorraine Margiotta opened the proceedings with a talk

Thanks to all the speakers and to our  panelists Norman Davies and Chris Thomas who spoke so eloquently

Special thanks for the ladies in the kitchen with Margaret Bell who produced wonderful  homecooked food

Thanks also to Tony Darmanin and the Birmingham & Midlands Bulldog club for the loan of the  PA system,
Ron Jones for printing the tickets

Special thanks to Dr.John Nattrass for his organising and planning of this event, printing/advertising and to Mrs Biddle Edwards for selling the tickets and 'manning 'the door

Bulldog Rescue presented boards with photo's of recent Rescues and a collection was made at the door,Tania Holmes  co-ordinator of rescue came and  joined in...